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Sea Star Line & Spectrum Logistics Celebrate Customer Service Week

Jacksonville, Fla. – Sister companies Sea Star Line and Spectrum Logistics celebrated Customer Service Week on October 3rd through October 7th. Adrienne Muniz, Sea Star Line’s Director of Customer Service, says “At the end of the day, we are all part of customer service. Our various departments touch customers in one way or another.” The goal of this celebration has been to recognize employee hard work in driving both companies toward success and to promote a sense of togetherness.   

To promote team spirit, members of the sister companies’ activities committee chose a sports theme for Customer Service Week. “We wanted to be able to build camaraderie between departments, and what better way to participation than sports,” explained Danielle Gonzales, Sea Star Customer Service Account Manager who also led Customer Service Week events. Recently, Sea Star Line and Spectrum Logistics have been shadowed by reorganizational changes, but Customer Service week served to endorse both company’s values and mission to its customers and employees of “Together We Make the Ordinary Extraordinary.”

Sea Star President, Steve Hastings, kicked off Customer Service Week with a Proclamation on Customer Service week. In addition, employees engaged in various activities each day of the week, including a football match, basketball, baseball, and even a sumo wrestling match! Like every good sports event, both companies also hosted a tailgate involving good food, prizes, and fun. As a token of appreciation, all employees were gifted a coffee mug, which represented countless hours of pouring their dedication into achieving customer satisfaction and organizational success.

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