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Global Transportation Service for Oversized Transportation

Spectrum Logistics offers premium global transportation services for oversized transportation, imports, and exports. As one of the leading international transport companies today, Spectrum Logistics has the capabilities to help our customers succeed day after day.

No need to fret about oversized shipments – Spectrum Logistics is here to assist you with all global transportation logistics service on oversized transportation. Working with a variety of transportation vendors, our professionals ensure that your cargo receives the trucking, warehousing, or carrier service required before your shipment embarks. We handle all oversized transportation with extra care and have the appropriate supplies and technology to do so.

Our professionals stand by our clients from the beginning stages of consultation and planning through to delivery and customs clearance. Affiliates of Spectrum Logistics are also prepared to handle the extreme weight of oversized transportation shipments with heavy-duty equipment.

Global Imports and Exports

We work hard to ensure that your cargo can be tracked every step of the way through advanced real-time technology, whether it is shipping by air or ocean. Spectrum Logistics is affiliated with a number of sister companies worldwide so that global transportation logistics service occurs smoothly and on time. As a licensed Customs House Broker, our company arranges customs clearances for both your personal and commercial inbound shipments, as well as offer protection of cargo. We also provide inland delivery of cargo once it is cleared from global transportation logistics service.

We are also a licensed Freight Forwarder, meaning we thoroughly quote exportation rates and arrange for export trucking if necessary before shipment. We also provide warehousing services to consolidate, distribute, and package, materials before exporting. All import and export activity is consistently visible to our clients.

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