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Spectrum Hosts Ponte Vedra High School Interns

Left to Right: Jacob Gramacy, President of Spectrum Logistics John Emery, Daniel Wise, Director of Sales & Global Services, Greg Wellstead

Upcoming seniors at Ponte Vedra High School, Daniel Wise and Jacob Gramacy, had the opportunity to intern at Jacksonville-based Spectrum Logistics this summer.  Based on various academic factors, both interns were selected for the St. Johns County School District’s internship program which is sponsored by the Garret Morgan Florida Department of Transportation Grant. “As an affiliated partner of the St. Johns County School District, Spectrum Logistics welcomed this opportunity to teach these students about our industry,” says Director of Sales and Global Services, Greg Wellstead.

While Wise and Gramacy interned in the Spectrum Logistics’ marketing and global services department, they were able to fully experience transportation and logistics. Wise and Gramacy job shadowed the various divisions of the company which included customer service, domestic and global logistics, trucking, and warehousing operations. “It can always be a bit unnerving to enter a new environment for the first time, but Spectrum Logistics’ realm was an easy environment to adapt to largely due to the employees willingness to answer my questions,” says Wise. Since Spectrum Logistics is the sister company of Jacksonville-based Sea Star Line, both Wise and Gramacy were also able to expand their knowledge of Sea Star through an extensive port and ship tour at Sea Star’s Blount Island Terminal.

Wise and Gramacy’s eagerness to learn and aptitude for growth is reflected in their numerous accomplishments this summer. Both interns managed Spectrum Logistics’ website and social media, organized various types of accounting data, created email blasts, and constructed an electronic customer database. To enhance their understanding of a business setting, Gramacy and Wise observed various types of meetings and presentations. On the fun side, Gramacy and Wise also attended the Sea Star Line and Spectrum Logistics’ monthly celebrations gathering to recognize various employees for their hard work. Gramacy remarked, “This was a wonderful experience, and I look forward to using the knowledge gained in my career.”

Spectrum Logistics, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sea Star Line, is a premier North American provider of integrated logistics and supply chain solutions. For more information, visit or call us toll-free at 1-800-745-1225 and locally at 904-714-9355.

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